Online Business

The Benefits

Businesses that use Online Business will enjoy easy access to all their accounts with the highest level of online security. The features provided through this service package can be used for checking accounts, savings accounts, certificate of deposit accounts and loan accounts.

View Accounts

View up-to-minute account information, including; current balances and detailed transaction histories.

Funds/File Management

Transfers funds, direct deposit of payroll and collect payments.

Bill Pay – Checkfree

Manage your payments online and pay anyone, anywhere, anytime.


You can also access your monthly statements online. Save file cabinet space while caring for the environment.

Direct Deposit Payroll Services

Make payroll a snap! Transfer funds directly to your employee's accounts.

Treasury Tax & Loan Services

Pay State and Federal taxes.

Export Transactions

Sort transactions into categories or export to management applications, such as QuickBooks or Quicken.